Esoteric Secrets of the Virgin of the Rocks

A lecture in northern Vermont! An Esoteric Christmas Story. Why were there two paintings? Which one is the original? What was Leonardo attempting to depict in the original Virgin of the Rocks? Get ready for an entertaining journey exploring how Florentine schools sought to revive the ancient mysteries. Dan Brown fans and art historians will enjoy… Continue reading Esoteric Secrets of the Virgin of the Rocks

Calling the Disciples

Calling the Disciples Each of the gospels expresses deep mysteries. Even the calling of the disciples is wrapped in mysteries. Let’s look, for example, at John 1:35-48. The scene is where John the Baptist has been baptizing in the Jordan River. John has remarked, “Behold (ιδε), the Lamb of God” (see also Matthew 3:13-17; Mark… Continue reading Calling the Disciples

Conversion of the ‘barbaric’ Tribes of the North by Wulfila the Initiate

Ulfilas (Wulfila in Germanic), A.D. 311–383, missionary to the West-Goths in the Balkan region; founder of Arianic-Germanic Christendom, who translated the Bible into Gothic. Codex Argenteus location: Uppsala, Universitetsbibliotek [Sign. DG. 1] size: 187 leaves (originally 336 leaves) content: Parts of the Gospels in the order Matthew, John, Luke, Mark. Splendid manuscript written in silver… Continue reading Conversion of the ‘barbaric’ Tribes of the North by Wulfila the Initiate

The Struggles of Early Christianity: Augustine and Mani, Earthly and Cosmic Christ

This blog seeks to reopen the debates of Early Christianity about the principles: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. It seeks to understand what was meant by the Logos and the Paraclete. I stumbled upon a blog that was perfect for this journey. The following is quoted from Mieke Mosmuller’s philosophical reflections blog.  … Continue reading The Struggles of Early Christianity: Augustine and Mani, Earthly and Cosmic Christ


The sun was rising as I slid into Dan’s waiting car. “Good morning” I bid him and off to the office we sped. Dan’s eyes were focused on the intersection ahead as he posed common courtesy questions. After getting through our health and well being replies, I asked “All set for Easter?” as it was… Continue reading THE SUN IS RISING, AN EASTER STORY

Easter 2016 Approaches

Dear Readers, I am doing research for a book I am writing whose working title is Technology’s Role in Human Evolution.  Currently, I am focused on light and electricity and their relationship to levity-gravity and, in alchemy, to salt-sulfur polarities. In doing this research I ordered and began to read Nick Thomas’ book The Science… Continue reading Easter 2016 Approaches

Logos and Elohim

The Prologue of John’s Gospel is a pithy description of human evolution. “In the beginning (when Archai begin time) was the Logos. And the Logos was within (the bosom) of God (the Father). A god was the Logos.” The common translation here is “God was the Logos.” The Greek here lacks the definite article ton… Continue reading Logos and Elohim

A Christian Creed?

I am not one who feels that a statement of what Christians can agree upon is necessary. When Constantine became emperor of Rome, there were multiple Christianities. He had a goal to unite them. In 325 CE, he requested an ecumenical council out of which came the Nicene Creed as a profession of faith to… Continue reading A Christian Creed?

Christmas Symbolism: Ox and Ass

During the Age of Taurus (roughly from 3000 BCE to 800 BCE), the bull and the calf were venerated. As this Age transitioned to Aries, the Mithraic Mysteries arose where the cosmic Christ was sought as one overcame the bull within: Note the symbol of the snake. Mithraism apparently grew out of Persia and became… Continue reading Christmas Symbolism: Ox and Ass