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My journey that has led me to build this blog and website began as a child who experienced in dreams my guardian angel. As a boy scout, my troop was comprised of sons of college professors. Although we met at a Congregational church, my boy scout buddies had no respect for religion in the face of science. Our meetings and camping trips were often filled with philosophical and religious debates. I would appeal to my angel for forgiveness for them. My father was a professor of Astronomy and my mother was dearly loved by the community while raising three boys and two girls. I was in the middle. Because of this, I longed to find a way to unite science, religion, and the arts.

I was a top student in high school and a decent athlete. I wanted to found The World Brotherhood party that would field candidates in countries around the world to stop war, increase trade and brotherhood, respect freedom of thought and conscience, and promote the rights of all people and Nature. I wanted to set up free-roaming areas for wildlife with paths running north-south and east-west of at least 3 miles width.

College days were at the University of Michigan (you readers in Ohio – don’t hold that against me!).  I was enrolled in the college of engineering from where I got a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and a MS in Computer, Information, and Control Engineering.  I was part of the anti-war and flower-power movement, strongly rejecting its violent elements.

I was a 40+ year veteran of the computer industry, now retired.  My first job was with IBM where it was founded, Endicott, NY.  I was intrigued by the idea of telekinesis and was invited to join a group of east Europeans who practiced their art of table levitation once a week. I also was exposed to a local spiritualist church.  I got married here but IBM moved my division and job to North Carolina.  Before moving, my wife (a school teacher) and I took sabbaticals to attend Emerson College in Sussex, England. Here I received a one year training in Spiritual Science and the works of Rudolf Steiner. Here I realized that I had entered the skin of the dragon and I would have my spirituality severely challenged during this chosen career.

Following this foundation year, I returned to my new home in North Carolina expecting our first child. After a year in Charlotte, we decided to move to where our children could attend a Waldorf school. After moving to New Hampshire, we had two more children filling out our old colonial house. We lived next to a river and close to town, Wilton. With the proximity of nature, a Waldorf school, and the closeness of a small town, it was a wonderful place to raise children.

I also worked for Wang Labs and then Digital Equipment Corporation which was bought by Compaq and then later bought by HP. I then left New England to become the CTO of a startup in Austin, TX. That was 2002 when VC funding had dried up forcing the startup to fold.  I had gone through divorce by then. In 2003 I returned to New England to work for EMC. And I remarried in 2006.

While still actively following the computer industry, since being laid off in 2014 I have increased my activity in spiritual science and in particular in this mission to help historians and the world better understand the role that the Ancient Mysteries played

  • in the cultural life of Greece and Egypt,
  • in preparing individuals to grasp the Mystery of Golgotha,
  • in providing the foundation for the spread of Christianity, and
  • in continuing to guide humanity to prepare for its future.

I continue to be an adventurer in philosophy, religion, science, and the arts.  My wife and I are foster parents and work to help individuals to improve life and the world we share.  I would love to hear about your life’s journey – subscribe and write me. Agape.cropped-HPIM2594.jpg

PS – the picture is a honeybee in the bugleweed flowers of our gardens. There is a mystery about why I chose this picture for a website on the Christian Mysteries. I will confirm the correct answer if you wish to share your guess with me.


5 thoughts on “About Andrew”

  1. hello Andrew

    I am just starting to watch your lecture on “Steiners surprising view…” on youtube, I was let to this by an american friend on Facebook.. Found it appropriate to look into your cv, and so i fell on this blog.
    Until now 27 minutes into the lecture, what you speak, is pretty much what I myself has been thinking about in the last 40 years, although some of the writers, scientists and books you show is new to me (Kurzweil is well known in my backyard) , seems his influence goes even into the governments in EU. So I will lean back and listen carefully.
    I am danish and living in the Copenhagen region, my background is, thati from my 18th year became a part of a BioDynamic community, and from then Steiner has been a life companion. Educated as an Architect, and from my 42 year teacher at different Waldorf Schools on Zeeland, the Island which also Copenhagen is situated at.
    I am 63, a senior educator at Rudolf Steinerskolen Kvistgaard, and now mostly teaches in Crafts and has taken on responsibilities in the school council. I hope to be a part for still many years, an enjoy the work with youth and new teachers. Although we are experiencing shortages in the last aspect.
    Life has really turned out surprisingly different from what I as a young man expected in regard to the development of interest for Anthroposophy in society. But I gather it very much is combined to what you talks are about.
    Look forward to the rest of your talk, and hopefully many others.
    all the best
    ib Kasper

  2. Hi Andrew. I am Maria Paz Epelman, from Chile. I´m almost 50, and had the privilege to know the Anthroposophy when I was 14. I have been a reader of Steiner books and a dedicated Waldorf school parent since 2000 (3 kids). I am journalist and work in an important news group in Chile (the Chilean office for Turner, including CNN local news channel).
    During the last 4 years I have been also involved in the organization of a national congress about Future, organized by the Senate, the Government, universities and foundations. http://www.congresofuturo.cl
    In that context, I have read a lot about singularity, transhumanism, and met personally a lot of scientists and thinkers. Harari included. Imagine the surprise when I found your talk in youtube. This blog is really serious and helpfull. Thanks for it!

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Great lectures on “Steiners surprising view…”. Very inspiring! I have also been thinking a lot about all the spiritual implications on our technological progress and speak with friends about this topic. Next week I plan to give a lecture on this topic in my neighbourhood and see if we can have an interesting conversation started.
    Are you still giving lectures online, or are there any antroposophical studygroups working on this topic? ? i would really like to connect with likeminded people.


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