Technology and Spiritual Science

Listed below are some of the links and references used to support this work (way too many to list them all):

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Tracking the Mysteries from Egypt to the Founding of America

Listed here are links and reference books used to support this work:

The following are useful reference books:

  • Runciman, Steven, The Medieval Manichee, Cambridge Univ. Press
  • Runciman, Steven, The Eastern Schism, Wipf and Stock
  • McGinn, Bernard, The Foundations of Mysticism
  • McGinn, Bernard, Early Christian Mystics
  • McGinn, Bernard, The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism
  • McColman, Carl, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism
  • Querido, Rene, The Golden Age of Chartres
  • Oldenbourg, Zoe, Massacre at Montsegur
  • Weis, Rene, The Yellow Cross
  • Barber, Malcolm, The Cathars in the Languedoc
  • Lansing, Carol, Power and Purity
  • Brogan, Nicole, The Cathars
  • Bruce, F. F., The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
  • Bruce, F. F., New Testament History
  • Quasten, Johannes, Patrology
  • Solovyov, Vladimir, A Story of Anti Christ and Godmanhood
  • Kaine, Kristina, Who is Jesus : What is Christ? Vol. 1

The following are helpful additional materials but I have not been able to review all of this material nor verify it.

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  1. Just had the pleasure of proof-reading your article for Perspectives.
    I’ve never read anything like this; it has restored my faith in anthroposophy and in the robotic future at one go. Thank you!

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