Articles and Books

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Below are books for sale plus PDF versions of articles written for magazines and other periodicals that are available here with permission for free download.


  1. The Christian Mysteries Study Guidebook A book for a short (4-6 session) study group. Free.
  2. The Hidden Heretic of the Renaissance: Leonardo
  3. The Dance of the Elves (children 4-8)
  4. From the Forest to the Sea (children 5-9)


  1. The Mystery of Leonardo’s Virgin of the Rocks
  2. Seeing at the Tomb on Easter
  3. The Scapegoat and the Blood of Christ
  4. The Invasion of the Jupiter-Men
  5. Eugenics in the 21st Century, An Ethics Challenge
  6. Agape Love
  7. What Software Reveals about Being Human
  8. The Destiny of Humanity with Machines Brief
  9. Technology As Mirror of the Etheric

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  1. hello

    I was hoping to read a couple of these articles located on this page here:

    Though none of the files past #3 will let me download or view them.
    Are these files located elsewhere?

    Thank You

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