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About this Christian Mysteries website: 

In ancient times, all cultures, all civilizations, had mystery centers. Through such centers, each tribe, each ethnic group, was guided according to the connection between the spiritual world and its high priests. Individuals were initiated into the mysteries to operate as messengers of spiritual revelation. Selection was based on moral character and bloodline.  Not only was guidance achieved, but the mystery looked both back in time and ahead, into the future. Looking back, one found earlier times when humanity was in a different state, not in the physical bodies of today, when interaction with the beings of the spiritual world was commonplace. And looking forward they could see that humanity was on a decline. But they could also see that a god from the sun would descend and save humanity from this decline. Details were not revealed. The prophets belong to those able to foresee.
All the wisdom revealed was maintained as an oral tradition. No one was allowed to betray the mysteries or death would be their punishment. This hidden wisdom is thus correctly titled ‘occult’ from the Latin occultus which means to hide from view, cover up – thus a hidden wisdom. Greek esterikos from which ‘esoteric’ derives, means inner meaning, that one needs to go below the surface to truly understand something. The contents of these mysteries were both occult and esoteric. We owe much to Rudolf Steiner for revealing what was allowed to be revealed during his lifetime (1861 – 1925).
This website is dedicated to re-discovering the role of these ancient mysteries had, the foundation they laid for the building of Christianity, and now the forging of the mysteries of the future. Representing this is the picture to your left of John the Baptist. Grunewalde painted him next to the cross knowing full well that he had been beheaded long before the crucifixion. John is pointing at the dead body on the cross and saying “He must increase and I must decrease.” Herein lies the mystery of the Mysteries. John represents the heights of what the ancient mysteries could achieve; through him the baptism could take place, and now in just over 3 years the Logos became a human being going through death on Golgotha. But this was just the beginning, the Turning Point in Time. The ancient mysteries had been fulfilled and must now fade away while the new mysteries, based on the Mystery on Golgotha, must increase.

Additional Area: Technology’s Role in Human Evolution

This is one of my common themes for lectures and workshops and is my working title for an upcoming book. Visit the Lecture Archive to find free PDF versions of recent lectures. More recent technology lectures now reside at the website mystech.co and MysTech activity resides at mystech.org.
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  1. It’s difficult to find experienced people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

  2. David Murray

    I wish to subscribe to this site/userbase, and correspond when necessary by email, not ‘Facebook’ etc….

  3. Dear Andrew, I had written this reply to your note at Academia.edu, but the message would not send. Thankfully I had copied it, and paste it below. This is a good example of why I prefer email to using any third party site for communication.

    Best wishes,

    Dear Andrew,

    Many thanks for your note. WOW! Your “Technology in Human Evolution” image-essay is a tour de force! You’ve so beautifully brought Rudolf Steiner’s insights and warnings about this challenge in a lively, engaging way. I hope that you could share this far and wide! It’s so great the way you contextualize the Keely episode, and bring in contemporary pop culture — especially this all-important mythological dimension.

    Speaking of superheroes, I just arrived in Washington, DC, for the final leg of a 1200-mile, 33-day bicycle pilgrimage, that may look like a simple puppet-driven Fool’s errand (www.jubileepuppet.com), but is actually my attempt to sound a jeremiad of my own. On January 9th, the inaugural day of the pilgrimage, I published Masquerade: Barack Obama & American Destiny — which, knowing would get no real hearing (especially from anthropops) on its own, I wrapped up inside a “hero’s journey,” a mad, whimsical quest. And I suppose at the mythological level, there is also a bit of a Luddite impulse to it — the bicycle moving through the Heart’s Land is not as “pure” as a walking pilgrimage, but it still captures people’s imagination as something somehow heroic.

    Oh! The reason I brought up superheros is that one fruit of the pilgrimage has been that today I will begin (along with a vigil down on the White House fence with my puppets) work on a new book, Jubilee: Abraham Lincoln and the Reality of the Spiritual World. Having gone straight on our bike to the Lincoln Memorial yesterday, and witnessed there the continued devotion with which his memory is held, it struck me again how one can think of Abe as the original (well, maybe Washington beats him out for precedence) American superhero. I’ve made some discoveries recently about Abe that make him a compelling subject for a new, esoteric, karmic exploration of his amazing life and work. I’m hoping — as I believe that you fervently hope for your work as a homeopathic counterimpulse toward this headlong rush into mechanical occultism that is developing — that a new look at Abe can serve as a counterimpulse to the dark “superhero” who now occupies Abe’s old seat just down the road at the White House.

    I think that where your work and mine (“Spectres,” but equally, “Masquerade”) converge is upon the question of Possession; what you lay out in your essay is essentially a “path to possession.” As humanity crosses the threshold, we are wide open to both inspiration from above, and possession from below. Unfortunately, right now what we see is that the latter trend has the upper hand. The demonic — yes, demonic — possession of the most powerful person on the planet at this very moment is symptomatic and prophetic of the Apocalyptic nature of our time. The range of technological “achievements” has laid humanity wide open to more than just “dehumanization”; it has put our soul hygiene in jeopardy, and thus opened our etheric bodies to invasion by Ahrimanic elemental beings. I find it quite incredible that David Bowie was so widely lionized upon his death a couple of weeks ago; this brilliant artist was clearly demonically possessed. All around us there are spectacular indications, hiding in plain sight.

    I am, though settled for the next week, still in the throes of this pilgrimage, with many demands that come from not being at home, so I have very limited time for reading or correspondence, but I am so grateful to you Andrew for making contact, and sending me your superb jeremiad! I look forward to future conversation, to be sure!


    PS I only recently uploaded anything to Academia because of a long lost anthropop acquaintance contacting me. I really don’t find it a convivial platform for discussion.

  4. Hi Andrew, An amazing contribution to illumine the path along the way to understanding our modern age, the riddles contained within it and the incentive to search for answers. I will enjoy looking further into your presentations here.

  5. Please subscribe me and put me on your notifications list.

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