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Dear reader,VOR Louvre
Welcome! Contained here are free lectures, articles, and a blog on the Christian Mysteries. Also check Events to attend or organize an event near you. Use the navigation menu at the top to go to where desired content is located. I will publish here your articles and blogs that fit what this website is about – send to cm_adept [at] thechristianmysteries.com if you want your work published here. Turn on notifications to be alerted when new material is posted.
About this website:
In ancient times, all cultures, all civilizations, had mystery centers. Through such centers, each tribe, each ethnic group, was guided according to the connection between the spiritual world and its high priests. Individuals were initiated into the mysteries to operate as messengers of spiritual revelation. Selection was based on moral character and bloodline.  Not only was guidance achieved, but the mystery looked both back in time and ahead, into the future. Looking back, one found earlier times when humanity was in a different state, not in the physical bodies of today, when interaction with the beings of the spiritual world was commonplace. And looking forward they could see that humanity was on a decline. But they could also see that a god from the sun would descend and save humanity from this decline. Details were not revealed. The prophets belong to those able to foresee.
All the wisdom revealed was maintained as an oral tradition. No one was allowed to betray the mysteries or death would be their punishment. This hidden wisdom is thus correctly titled ‘occult’ from the Latin occultus which means to hide from view, cover up – thus a hidden wisdom. Greek esterikos from which ‘esoteric’ derives, means inner meaning, that one needs to go below the surface to truly understand something. The contents of these mysteries were both occult and esoteric. We owe much to Rudolf Steiner for revealing what was allowed to be revealed during his lifetime (1861 – 1925).
This website is dedicated to re-discovering the role of these ancient mysteries had, the foundation they laid for the building of Christianity, and now the forging of the mysteries of the future. Representing this is the picture to your left of John the Baptist. Grunewalde painted him next to the cross knowing full well that he had been beheaded long before the crucifixion. John is pointing at the dead body on the cross and saying “He must increase and I must decrease.” Herein lies the mystery of the Mysteries. John represents the heights of what the ancient mysteries could achieve; through him the baptism could take place, and now in just over 3 years the Logos became a human being going through death on Golgotha. But this was just the beginning, the Turning Point in Time. The ancient mysteries had been fulfilled and must now fade away while the new mysteries, based on the Mystery on Golgotha, must increase.


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