A lecture in northern Vermont! An Esoteric Christmas Story.

Why were there two paintings? Which one is the original?

What was Leonardo attempting to depict in the original Virgin of the Rocks?

Get ready for an entertaining journey exploring how Florentine schools sought to revive the ancient mysteries. Dan Brown fans and art historians will enjoy this mystery adventure!

3:30 PM to 5 PM, The Old Meeting House, 1620 Center Road, Montpelier, VT.


  1. stephen cosgrove

    andrew, this post on the secrets of the virgin of the rocks has no date when the lecture was/is held.i live in VT and have seen both versions of the painting and know the esoteric secret behind the 2 Jesus children. please reply.

    • Hello VT Sophia, The lecture you mention was given a year ago. It was hosted by a local branch of the Anthroposophical Society. I am delighted to read that you already know about these esoteric secrets!

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