Learning Christianity from a Tadpole

OK, this title sounds crazy. Hang on; it will (perhaps I should say may) become clear.

This morning I was reading an article in a journal from the Nature Institute called In Context. I was struck by how the author, researcher Craig Holdrege, was able to describe how genetics alone cannot lead to an understanding of how one organism can transition from a tadpole to a frog. Craig writes “I’m wanting to counter the strong habit of thought that imagines the answer to developmental questions – the key that opens insights into the mystery of development – as lying in the past and in substances, i.e. in what one images as physical causes. No matter at what level we consider an organism and its development, we are always dealing with organizing activity or agency that is specific and that provides the context for any part-processes, such as molecular events, that are discovered.”  Earlier Craig had written “When scientists discover new molecular processes that in turn influence other processes, they are uncovering fascinating details about how the frog is coming into being. They are not ‘explaining’ it.”

I recall my high school biology teacher waved a wand over metamorphosis and later to pass the exam we needed to claim that all aspects of the processes could be found in its genes or DNA. Craig’s article caused an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for me when I got to his conclusion “Something creative – something I have referred to as ‘activity’ or agency – is molding the developmental process. But it is not an artist creating something externally. It is the developing organism as artist creating itself. This gives richer meaning to the term ‘autopoiesis’ (self-creation), which is often used to characterize the self-organizing capacity of living beings.”

You see, in Him is life. Through Him all things became. Of course! The wholeness of Nature. All living things share their source in the Logos.  We all know about the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Metamorphosis is happening everywhere in Nature; we just do not see it; it is occult.

And what is our metamorphosis? How can we find our inner artist and fundamentally change our own being? What can we become? We must do our inner work individually but to metamorphose into our becoming we must become as one with another human being for when two or more are together as one self, in my name, I am there.

For more on self-metamorphosis, see this blog post on Whitsun.

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