Preparing for the Christ Impulse

Edward R. Smith (The Burning Bush, see its website) and others have also proclaimed that the Christ Impulse manifests as fusion as opposed to fission. For humanity, the key “fusion” event happened in the Temple when the Nathan-Jesus who was 12 with the Solomon-Jesus who may have been 14 or even 15 fused! The spiritual members of the Jesus described in Matthew left his “vehicle” to enter the “vehicle” of the Jesus in Luke. Here “fusion” was done at the human level and this enabled the later “fusion” of the Logos with the body of Jesus of Nazareth. I put “” around fusion because in these cases it is not fusion as we know it from physics. But, it is a kind of event where two are made into one. This becomes the basis for “when two or more are gathered in my name”.

Without this human act of sacrifice, the Christ would not have been able to take on the body of Jesus at the baptism in the Jordan. This human sacrifice enabled Christ to become the supreme sacrifice.

With fusion as part of the Christ Impulse, how might one prepare for this? The key is found in “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Humanity will continue to evolve. More and more, as our focus moves towards a healthy soul life  the body will be increasingly seen as a vehicle for life on earth. Eventually we will be able to offer, out of love, our body to another human so that this person may redeem their karma within their current life.

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