Preparing the Future Through Mythology

It has been my ‘academic contention’ that the lore of myths sought to prepare people for the future. The initiates of old were able to do so by beholding the spiritual events of the past and knowing that these would have a fulfillment in the future. The Greek Era lay in the middle of this human evolution. The Greek initiates could see back to Atlantean times (the Egyptian to Lemurian times). The Greek myths apply to today. In ancient Greece, people thought in pictures. When one died, these pictures were part of the etheric body laid aside. But, as one approached a new earthly life, these pictures were picked up again in the Moon sphere. Such pictures helped one prepare for their coming incarnation. Thus, the myths of Hephaestus and Prometheus are about our times when our soul life has been chained to the rocks, to the mineral kingdom. The gifts of Hephaestus are our chains. Hephaestus is commanded to build Pandora – an automaton robot built with all the earthly charms of a woman. Prometheus’ brother, Epimetheus, wants to have ‘marry’ her, to have sex with this sexbot. Pandora brings with her, a coffin laden with ‘gifts’ from the Gods. Surely, you can see how this applies to our times.

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